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Our mission and focus within our creatively driven organisation is to produce high-value, high-quality music compositions that create added value and distinctiveness in the audio & audio-visual advertisements used to bring our clients’ products and services to the attention of consumers and business customers. Our clients’ marketing objectives serve as our leitmotiv and guideline, whereby our musical works are designed to help achieve our clients’ objectives.

We concentrate on producing musical compositions in collaboration with and on the instructions of our clients, with the music we produce having to deliver added value to the creative concept, desired issue or brand identity. In many cases, we work with marketing managers, brand managers and/or creative people from advertising agencies to develop musical compositions that specifically target brand values and that help to create or increase the target group’s/consumer’s awareness of and loyalty for the brand.

If you look back in time, films started out silent. However, they did not remain that way for long. 

In the early days of cinema, pianists were often employed to sit in the cinema and improv live music on the piano while the film was being watched. The music they played changed the perception of the audience in relation to the film’s content, message, or feeling. 

These were very skilled musicians and were ultimately, the first film composers. This perhaps was also the start of the film composer profession in the film industry. It must be remembered though, that these were live performances – the sound was not embedded in the film.

How important is sound with film? Well, all you have to do to answer this question is watch one. Your favourite one preferably, so that you know the plot and characters, then turn the sound off so you can’t hear it.

It becomes a totally different experience, not just because there is no sound. You no longer feel the same about the characters or the narrative. Your emotions are not as strong if present at all –  the visual imagery seems not to have the same impact. 

In short, we are so strongly exposed to music and sound in our lives that we associate feelings and emotions with sound. This knowledge is used to advantage by film composers.

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