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Musical Direction for Events - Zlatko Kresic (MD)

His work as a musical director and supervisor  is infused with a passion for creating positive and collaborative working environments. Drawing upon over 25 years experience, he combines his background as a multi-instrumentalist, classically trained orchestral musician with modern musical styles. With a wide and varied career playing in major concert venues and theatres, to recording studios, working with actor musicians and cabaret artists, fixing bands, arranging music and gigging with world famos artist, Zlatko has established connections with a diverse network of creatives, including sound and lighting designers and musicians. With his experience and network combined, this makes Zlatko a unique addition to any team.

Artist Agency

Many different people work together to make live events happen, but none have a greater impact on the outcome than concert and event producers. Working towards the broad goal of putting on a successful event, concert, or festival, producers truly do it all, from booking artists and hiring staff to preparing the venue and furnishing it with equipment. While a DIY house show is certain to present different challenges than a massive music festival, concert and event producers at all levels are united by the holistic and multifaceted nature of their work, which requires working knowledge of technical stagecraft, exceptional personnel management skills, and the ability to work well with all the live music industry's major players.

Music for film, tv, web and video games

Great music and great film go better together than popcorn and butter. Because there’s nothing like an epic soundtrack to transport a viewer to another time, bring a theater full of strangers to tears, or complement a narrative so well that one simply cannot exist without the other.

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